12 Reasons To Go Bowling: Number 4 & 12 Will Shock You!

Check out that rack…rack of balls

There are so many reasons people love sports. They’re fun, they get you out of the house and they get you in shape. Bowling is in a league of its own in my opinion though. Its appeal stretches across so many barriers other sports can put in front of a person. Below I’ve listed 12, yes 12, reasons you should go bowling…and after you’ve read them I think you should go.

It’s fun

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy bowling a lot. I must huh?, I made a whole website about it, lol. Well, anyway some people only think it’s fun bowling when it’s with a bunch of people. Like more than 4.

Not me. I can bowl alone, with another person or with a group. I have fun bowling no matter what.

Its actually considered exercise…wink wink

No need to lift these kinds of weights anymore…just bowl!

I can understand how you may be squinting your face tight right now and saying to yourself “bowling is considered exercise?”. Yes. Bowling IS considered exercise.

Think about how many times you go up to bowl when it’s your turn, how many steps you take. Think about the weight of said ball and how many times you throw it and pick it up. All of that is movement and movement is considered exercise. 

You don’t need to buy any equipment

How many other sports can you just play right out of the blue without having to buy equipment first? Not many. Now, even though you must rent the shoes to bowl because you can’t step onto the lanes with street shoes, you don’t need to have your own pair. House bowling balls are free to use.

If you want to buy your own equipment because you bowl often enough to justify the cost than you’re only paying for the game time. Since house bowling balls are free you’d only save money on shoe rental, but that adds up depending on how often you bowl. And if you’re in a league I believe even your lane rate is discounted. Don’t quote me on that though, all bowling alleys are different.

Can be done rain or shine

smh, rain

It’s pouring rain outside and the family is driving you nuts complaining that they’re bored. What do you do? Well, it’d be hard to ignore them as well as rude. So you try to figure out what you all could do as a family that doesn’t cost a lot and will get you guys moving. 

Movies? No. Too expensive and you’re just sitting there. Mall? No. Again, expensive because everyone will want something, although you would be moving. Visit Grandma? Eh, you don’t really want to do that because the kids would be bored most likely and there wouldn’t be much movement except for squirming kids.

Then, eureka! You can take the family bowling. It’s cheap, they’ll get some exercise and you won’t have to worry about dinner. Heck, you’ll even pick up grandma so she can come along as well. Because it’s cheap! She’ll get the senior citizens discount.

It’s cool if you eat while you play

You ever get hungry while out riding your bike or playing basketball or football? Do you eat while you play? Heck no! How could you? You’d definitely get hurt and probably hurt someone else, not to mention it’s just not something you do.

However, in Bowling, it’s perfectly normal and ok to eat. Just don’t do it on the lanes and wipe your hands before grabbing your ball. The grease on your fingers combined with the oil on the lanes can’t be good when put together.

Having a beer or 2 is kinda required


Ladies and gentlemen, when you’re out with a group of peers and you want to have a drink or two nobody would look at you sideways. Since bars in bowling alleys(if your bowling alley has a bar) don’t usually open until the afternoon anyway. Enjoy your time out with your friends, you probably don’t get much anyway.

Heck, even if you’re out with your family. Just always remember to drink responsibly. If you know you can’t ask for a lane as far away from the bar as possible or try to find an alley without a bar in it.

If you or someone you know has a drinking problem please don’t wait until it’s too late, get help here.

The shoes you get to wear make you look cool

Just admit that rental bowling shoes aren’t that bad to look at and that you secretly like wearing them because you think they make you look cool. Come on, don’t be shy. 

Oh those beautiful bowling shoes

I liked the way they look so much I even bought myself a pair. SIKE!! While I do like the way they look and the ease of just pulling the velcro strap to put them off and on. I didn’t like how they felt on my feet. That could be because they were rental shoes and God only knows how many other feet were in them. *shivers*

That sound the pins make when you get a strike

Oh boy, that’s a sweet sound. Even better when you’re the one who caused it. It also seems to put a bit of pep in your step. 

Even when you don’t get a strike, the sound of the pins falling puts a smile on anyone’s face. It’s just euphoric.


We touched on this a bit earlier but we can go back over it again. Since there’s not a single person I know who doesn’t like to save money.

Bowling is cheap. The average game to bowl, depending on your location and bowling alley is around $5 a game. In my area anyway. I don’t know about you but to me, that’s crazy cheap. Also, bowling alleys always do some sort of specials, which differ everywhere. 

But it’s always cheap compared to other activities. Even just 2 people going to the movies and getting snacks can cost upwards of $65+. And all you are doing is sitting there essentially watching a huge tv, not talking, eating overpriced junk food for about 90 minutes. Just 2 people!

what a waste of money

Take those same 2 people to a bowling alley and let’s say shoe rental Is $5 per shoe so that’s $10 for both of them. And games are also $5 each. The couple want to play 3 games. So that’s $30, but there’s some special going on(there’s always a special) and the price actually comes to $15 for 3 games for both of them. 

So far we have $10 for shoe rental and $15 for 3 games for both of them, we’re at $25. Now we can’t bowl without getting nachos and beer, we are on a date, after all, wink wink. Nachos are about $8 and beers are $4 apiece, $16 for food. 

So for about just over an hour of fun, which is also considered exercise, some great nachos and beer and a few games of bowling all for just over $40. Not to mention all the memories that can be made because you’re talking to each other instead of sitting quietly in a big room full of strangers watching a movie.

Great date idea 

I really kind of just went over this just above here. If you really skipped that section and are reading this before that. Shame shame. What a naughty kid you are.

Fun family competition

who will win in the family bowling competition?

Bowling as a family activity is amazing, there’s laughs, stories told and many memories being made. Not to mention how every generation can participate.

This could be done weekly or monthly, depending on everyone’s schedule. Heck, even teams could be formed. Maybe even family leagues? like double dare.

Can earn a scholarship for school

There’s scholarships for just about everything these days. Even for being left-handed, or making your prom dress out of duct tape. But did you know you could get a scholarship for bowling?

Pretty cool huh? not many high schools even have bowling teams, which is a shame, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a scholarship. Here is a list of the different types of bowling scholarships available.

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