A Few Tips For Buying Used Bowling Balls

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Tips For Buying A Used Bowling Ball

Bowling can be a fun activity. However, many people face difficulty in playing with the bowling center’s balls because the holes are not drilled according to their hands. If you love to bowl, you must have thought of buying a bowling ball at one point or another. But should you get a new bowling ball or a used one? And what tips should you consider when buying a used bowling ball? Is it even worth the investment? Let’s learn about buying a used bowling ball. 

Is it worth buying a used bowling ball?

If you are still a newbie to bowling, buying a used bowling ball could be a good idea. Playing with used bowling balls lets you experiment with different types of balls without spending too much on them. Once you get used to the playing techniques and learn about what suits you better, you can upgrade to a new ball. 

Used Bowling ball that I had redrilled

The ultimate answer to this question depends on your playing habits. How often you play and how well you play will ultimately determine if buying a used bowling ball is better or if you should get a new one. For those who just bowl as a hobby or on occasion, you’d be fine getting a used bowling ball. 

Even if you are a really good seasoned player(don’t we all think we’re pros?  Lol), buying a used ball can still be a good investment. This is because seasoned bowlers ideally have enough knowledge to identify a good bowling ball and buy the right one for themselves. Either way, a used bowling ball can be a good investment. You just have to be careful and smart while making the decision. 

Tips for buying a used bowling ball

There are many factors to consider when buying a used bowling ball. Some of these include the age and condition of the bowling ball,material, brand, core, weight, and holes.

  1. Choose a ball type

Are you a beginner who throws the balls straight or experienced enough to hook the ball? If you’re the former, a polyester ball would be a better choice for you. It is also known as a plastic or spare ball. And if you’re figuring out or learning how to hook the ball then an entry-level performance ball will be a good fit for you. 

  1. Select the right material

Bowling balls are made of different materials that determine their performance as well as the cost. While plastic balls are suitable for beginners, exerts might choose different material balls since they have other benefits. Here are some materials in bowling balls that you can choose from:

  1. Urethane Balls

The soft outer cover and shell of Urethane balls provide more friction on the bowling lane. Urethane balls are good for hooking and roll more smoothly than plastic balls. 

  1. Reactive Resin Balls

Reactive resin balls are made with more particles on the cover of urethane balls. The sturdier hook and rough surface of reactive resin balls make it suitable for oily surfaces too.  

  1. Particle Balls

Particle balls are similar to reactive resin balls, except that the coverstock has pieces of glass or ceramic in it. These balls have very high friction and better grip on oily lanes. Mostly expert bowlers or professionals choose to bowl with particle balls. 

  1. Choose the correct weight 

One of the most common concerns while choosing a ball is whether the weight will be suitable for you. Most of the used balls will have holes drilled in them, so make sure that the ball is easy to pick and not too heavy. The ideal weight for the bowling ball is about 10% of your body’s weight. If it feels too heavy, try the next size down. 

  1. Check the grip

The holes in the ball will affect how you grip the ball and handle it. Some people have the holes drilled according to the conventional grip style while others choose fingertip grip. Some people also use grips for extra friction in hooking. 

Another thing to consider while holding the ball is that your hand shouldn’t stretch flat on it. The holes shouldn’t be too far nor too close. Getting the holes filled and redrilled for your hand is fairly common when buying a used bowling ball.

Always try the ball before deciding to buy it. Only go ahead with the purchase if the ball feels comfortable and fits your bowling style. And of course, consider the price of the ball before buying it. Do your research on used ball prices before making any purchase so no one knocks you off. 

Best places to buy used bowling balls

Now that you are aware of what to consider when buying a used bowling ball, it is time that you go and buy one. But where can you find a used bowling ball? You can find many online sellers, but the only problem with online sellers is that you can not always check the ball before buying. Nevertheless, here are some of the places where you can find used bowling balls. 

You can buy used balls on eBay, Amazon, and Facebook. There are many other bowling forums as well where players share pictures of their used bowling balls and put them up for sale. Additionally, some pro shops for bowling stuff also stock used balls for new players and hobbyists at low prices. They also offer to drill and plug to set the ball according to your grip.  

There are also some websites that deal in used bowling balls and also offer delivery to your doorstep. If you are confused about where to look for bowling balls, ask around in the bowling community or pro shops near you. You will definitely find a reliable and trustworthy seller. 

Final words

Bowling gets better if you enjoy your time without any trouble with the ball. Whether you plan to take up bowling as a hobby or to compete in tournaments, having your own bowling ball can make the game much smoother. With the tips mentioned above and the discussion about buying a used bowling ball, you can now make your decision. Make sure to do your research before making any final decision. 

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