Can You Get A College Scholarship For Bowling?

College bowling is different from every other college sport. Observed by various schools which see bowling as fun or a game you often used to enjoy at family gatherings, many small schools around the U.S. regard bowling as a big competition activity.

Any student can participate in college bowling, but the rivalry is just as great as some other college sports. If you’re actively interested in bowling or like to learn something about the sport, it’s simple to get started.  But be informed, the rivalry is intense. Some individuals have played their entire life, coaches who watch high schoolers and college competitions, often with 100 people vying to secure a spot on an eight-person roster.

Many colleges have smaller clubs or inter-college leagues if you’re involved in college bowling but don’t want too much rivalry. Another choice if your school doesn’t have a curriculum is to help arrange one. In reality, since a nascent program hasn’t been around to recruit or obtain interest, you may have a better chance of competing for your school.

Can You Get A Full Scholarship For Bowling?

Yes, yes. Huge amounts of money in scholarships are given to bowlers each year. College bowling scholarships are available at hundreds of colleges, such as the University of Florida, the University of Kansas, and Lindenwood University that placed fifth in men’s bowling and eighth in women’s. Scholarships are also available to high school students attending college and returned college students.

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What Colleges Have Scholarships For Bowling?

Bowling, irrespective of the division, area, or professional association, is an extremely dynamic college sport that attracts student-athletes to outstand athletic teams at U.S. universities and colleges. Though it might not be as commonplace as soccer or baseball, there are many athletic scholarships available to those looking for a “hit.” 

To generate income, talented bowlers utilize scholarship opportunities designated for star athletes in the sport. Several approved bowling leagues and clubs provide scholarship funds to bowlers who play in their classes or live in their regions. As with several other sports scholarships, these grants also reflect athletes’ academic accomplishments, community work, and financial needs. Whatever the educational aspirations are, higher education funding tends to alleviate the financial pressure of college. Use all your ability to provide financial assistance to the college. 

Bowling, too, is not just a women’s sport. This is how the three collegiate sporting organizations cope with it: 

  • At the NCAA level, bowling is a Women’s sport.
  • The NAIA doesn’t sponsor it.
  • The NJCAA sponsors schools for both Men’s and Women’s Bowling.

NCAA Scholarships for Women

The NCAA is the biggest athletic organization in the United States. If you are great enough to go to Division I or Division II colleges, you might be qualified for certain scholarship dollars. 43 member schools offer Div 1 or Div 2 Women’s Bowling, and only 2 schools offer Men’s Bowling scholarships. There are, though, several men’s college bowling squads.


The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) is a collegiate sport in junior and two-year schools. There are some really successful sports programs in this association, so well-deserved bowlers seek economic opportunities in active NJCAA colleges.


NAIA Bowling is not classified as a “championship sport” by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Despite NAIA’s status, various strong bowling initiatives exist within the NAIA education system, like Pikeville College, Lindenwood University, and Lindsey Wilson College. In certain cases, otherwise obscure colleges offer impressive results in high-profile University bowling competitions.

The United States Bowling Congress

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) is an organization that allows its youth people to win academic scholarships and achieves their college aspirations. Per season, more than $6 million in academic scholarships is provided by bowling clubs, boards, accredited competitions, and owners throughout the United States. 

The USBC coordinated Clever, Scholarship Administration, and Accounting Records for Tenpins, a network designed to help these groups set up, administer, and disburse these grants throughout the United States, reaching out to young bowlers who would not know about the funds otherwise.

School-specific assistance lets bowlers perform at the university level by supplying additional funding to talented players. This small list of scholarships details several options for campus assistance:

Wichita State University – Wichita, Kansas

All entrants, exchange students, and already enrolled WSU students are eligible for a Bowling Scholarship. Bowling scholarship opportunities at Wichita State are offered to students who show high-level skills, leadership, loyalty, good work ethic, and dedication. Scholarships are normally worth about $650 for in-state applicants and up to $2,800 for out-of-state applicants. Three remembrance scholarships also support excellent bowlers from Wichita State. 

Texas Southern University

They provide bowling scholarships as well as academic scholarships for female student-athletes.  If the girl is 21 or good at ACT, or 1400 or better at SAT, and is motivated to excel in college and sport, she fits their standards.

Vincennes University – Vincennes, Indiana

Top-quality bowlers are given financial aid to the Vincennes University bowl. The school hires men and women for its bowling activities. Scholarship sums are decided based on financial requirements and also personal academic and athletic merit. 

Best Scholarship Programs

Bowling is a wonderful pastime. It can be done on a date or a birthday celebration or, more importantly, part of a professional league. Bowling has achieved traction over the last quarter-century as a sports competition at the high school and college levels. When most people hear of sports scholarships, they typically think of soccer, hockey, or baseball. While it is most common for colleges to offer financial support to students who compete in these competitions, some various colleges and associations provide awards for various categories of athletes. 

For the country’s best high school bowlers, sport can also have an opportunity to help pay for their education. It might come as a shock, but students who compete in approved bowling leagues have exposure to several athletic scholarships, particularly those talented in the sport. Here are only a handful of the numerous college scholarships that are open to bowlers.

Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow Scholarship 

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) offers a $6,000 scholarship to a female USBC participant. The candidate must be a senior high school or current college student and should have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. The winner will also obtain travel and accommodation costs for attending the annual USBC Convention.

Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow Scholarship

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) offers a $6,000 scholarship to a male USBC candidate. High schoolers and existing undergraduates with a grade point average of 2.5 or more are entitled to apply. The winner would also collect travel and hotel costs for attending the annual USBC Convention. Deadline: 1 December.

Curwen-Guidry Scholarship Fund

The Southern Bowling Congress would provide a $500 scholarship to any high school student, given that he/she passes the following conditions: (1) must be in the Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA) approved league for a period of 3 months of high school, (2) must have averaged 16 or more in the ACT, (3) must have a grade average of 2.5 or more and (4) must have an official high school record.

Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete Program

Any college athlete with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher is entitled to receive one of the $100 weekly prizes from the Davis Law Association. A total of 30 scholarships will be granted, with one woman and one male athlete selected as the Davis Law Group Scholar-Athlete of the Year. Each Scholar-Athlete of the Year earns an extra $1,000 in college scholarships.

Shocker Bowling Scholarships

Wichita State University (WSU) provides a variety of bowling scholarships for new students and existing students. Candidates must be full-time participants and must enter the total squad roster (except incoming first-year students) eligible for assistance.

Two forms of scholarships are supplied: scholarships for scholarships and scholarships for book loans. Roughly 15 scholarships are awarded, priced at $700 or more. There are also 25 textbook scholarships worth $500 each. In contrast to these awards, WSU also provides 11 additional memorial/honorary scholarships for bowlers, varying from $240 to $1,000 each semester.

How Do You Get A College Scholarship For Bowling?

How to Get a Bowling Scholarship?

Bowling scholarships are available to both women (mostly) and men. Much of the time, bowling instructors don’t consciously track athletes as they don’t have a recruitment budget. If you’re comfortable in a school, search to see whether they have a bowling program or not.

How Can You Increase Your Odds Of Scoring A Bowling Scholarship?

There are more than 50,000 high school bowlers in the U.S., but only 70+ colleges provide scholarships. If you’d like to be considered, you need to be constructive in this phase. If you’ve got the basics covered, you can approach coaches easily.

How to Get Recruited for a Bowling?

The recruitment process for bowlers should resume from junior year. If you’re participating in a bowling program, do any analysis and see if the competition scores go well with the people on their list.

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