Is Your Bowling Average good? Tips On How To Improve…

I’ve been bowling more and more lately and my scores will vary depending on how long I’m away from the lanes. Obviously when im able to go at least twice a week my scores tend to be higher. However I’ve never really known my “average” score. The bowling shop attendant told me to start recording my games when I bowl to find out if I’m am “average” bowler or not. Asking myself “is my bowling average even good? and how can I improve it?”

What’s The Average Bowling Score?

When new to bowling, looking to improve the score or changing the game status is number one on the list. The way to do that is first to know about the average score. Calculating the average score is essential to understand what level or ranking I am in as I participate in the leagues and tournaments.

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) does not officially recognize an average score until a player has bowled 12 games; however, that can be calculated by the average score based on any number of games that one has played.

I have come up with three steps on how to calculate the average bowling score:

Step 1: Scores
Several scores are required to calculate the average.

Step 2: Add Scores and divide by the games
Like in any mathematics calculations, all the scores are added to get the total number and divide by the games played to get the average. For example, if a player bowled five games with scores 100, 180, 130, 145, and 195, add all the scores; 100+180+130+145+196= 751. Divide the total score with the number of games, in this case, five games; 751/5= 150.2. The average score will be 150.2.

Step3: Round off or down to the nearest decimal
Bowling Scores are usually recorded in whole numbers.
The average score is 150.2, rounded down will be 150.

Average Bowling Score For Professional Bowlers

Every bowler looks up to score high. Scoring high requires a professional to be extremely accurate in the shot. One must throw a lot of strikes. The local bowling leagues have several bowlers averaging between 205 and 225. These could be amateurs or slightly experienced bowlers, but the professional bowlers will in most times, average anywhere from 230 to 250 scores.

How Can I Improve My Bowling Average?

Every bowler’s dream is to knock more pins and improve bowling average. Stagnating at one level isn’t healthy if a player wants to engage in more challenging competitions. To attain a superb bowling average and experience, here are a few outlined tips to check out:

Master the Playing Field
In any gaming completion, knowing the area is before is essential. Before engaging the competition day, a player must create time to find relevant information like the shape of the shot, lane surface, oil volume, and the pattern length.

Mastering the playing field can be done a day earlier, as the information will make it easy when you hit the field.

Regular maintenance of equipment
Bowling equipment requires regular and proper maintenance. Without adequate cleaning, replacing grips, oil extraction, it will be a tall order to play a perfect game and get a good score.

Professional players stock their accessories for replacements any time it is required. A ball that has played more than 50 games needs to be replaced. That is necessary because, most probably, the grips are already worn out.

Worn-out grips can make the ball slippery on the hands. Taking care of the equipment and tear is the best way to maximize its use. To avoid mishaps, assessment before the competition is a must.

Experiment with the equipment before the competition
Big winners in bowling games practice regularly. There are practice sessions that are allotted before the competition. There are usually two of these; an open practice and a ten-minute practice before the tournament begins. Those are deliberately allotted to help improve bowling average.

Besides luck, these two sessions can give a player confidence and get conversant with the field. Experimenting with the equipment on the ground before the game is a great way to improve a score.

Keep Striking More
More strikes mean an increase in average score. Striking more assumes I am making my spares at a high percentage. Of course, I can’t hit every time, but I can shoot at the single reserves more than the Greek Church with the perfect entry angle.

The winnings will not happen overnight, but keeping a journal will go a long way to improve my averages.

Five Tips On How To Bowl A Perfect Game

There’s no magic to a perfect bowling game. To achieving all twelve strikes, I require tons of practice combined with a little bit of luck. Professional bowlers heighten their chances of a perfect match by practicing physical and psychological techniques. Here are a few simple tips to bowling a perfect game.

1. Calming the nerves
A super bowling experience will heavily rely on the mentality toward the game and the outcome. Bowling skills are very crucial, but a perfect bowl will require a calm mind.

Psyching out when I have just bowled eleven strikes will do more harm than good.
It is advisable to forget about the pressure of a good game and focus on the current frame and the ball as it is the task at hand. Soothers like music, meditation, and positive visualization can help too.

Another great way to calm nerves is by taking a deep breath. Deep breathing is scientifically proven to calm nerves. This simple aerobic exercise can be of great help if done right before every strike. Several deep breaths clear the mind and wash away all the distractions.

2. Focusing on one strike at a time
Twelve strikes in a row sound too many, but that is the rule of the game and cannot change. One of the best tips is to ignore the frames ahead and focus on achieving one strike at a time. Each strike counts.

Diverted attention is overwhelming and throws one off the game. Avoiding distractions and pretending that every individual frame is a win sounds cheesy, but it will end up in super strikes and scores.

3. Muscle Relaxation
Stretch the muscles before the start of the game starts. Most players get nervous leading up to a tense competition become without even noticing it. A frazzled mindset, tight muscles hinder good performance. The mind and body need to work together to guarantee that perfect score.

Muscle relaxation involves:
• Deep inhalation.
• Making a tight fist on the one hand.
• Taking a count of up to three.

The same is done on the other hand. That releases muscle tension. A combination of muscle and mental relaxation works great.

4. Practice
Bowling, like all other games, requires lots of practice. Sufficient training before the real game makes the bowl perfect. To discover and master more game tricks requires regular practice. The professional bowlers at the national leagues have found the power of practice. They know that it makes the game perfect.

5. Mastering several Arts
To bowl a perfect game all tricks must be learned well; For instance, the hook art. The hook is the bowling technique that curves the ball down the lane rather than coming into the pins straight. Mastering the art makes it easier to bowl strikes.

Mastering the hook is a bit hard, but it requires a lot of practice. Once it is correctly learned, it is an excellent recipe for a perfect game. When new tips and game tricks are discovered that improves the game significantly.

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