Pros And Cons Of Buying A Bowling Ball Online

I personally have yet to buy a bowling ball from an online store. I’ve seen a few bowling balls that I’m interested in and am about to make the leap in doing so.

A while back there is no way id even consider buying something like a bowling ball online. It just didn’t make sense to me how it could be done in a way that would work out for me. Of course, I had to do a bit of research to become more comfortable with the idea of doing so.

Buying bowling balls online has many benefits, however, there are certain perks that are not necessarily included in your online purchase. I break down the pros and cons of purchasing a bowling ball online.

The main advantage of purchasing bowling balls online is that the cost will be significantly lower than the price you may find at your local pro shop. By ordering online, you may not be subject to state sales tax on your purchase. If the website you order from is based in a state that has a sales tax, you will have to pay sales tax on your order. Even if you live in a state that has no sales tax. 

What you need to know when buying a bowling ball online

Before you buy a bowling ball online, there are a few things you need to know in order to make sure things go smoothly. The weight of the bowling ball is the most obvious. On the weight of the bowling ball is pretty much the only choice you can make when ordering a bowling ball.

You’ll also want to know what type of coverstock, what type of core, and even your drilling layout. Now don’t worry if you don’t know your drilling layout, most people don’t. You can take your new bowing ball to a local pro shop and have it drilled.

There are also many online pro shops that do offer a ball drilling service. Most of the time there is a form on the website to enter your measurements into. 

What if you don’t know your measurements? Or even the layout you need on the bowling ball? This is where the local bowling ball pro shop exceeds in service compared to a website.

Top weights and pin locations(core) are one area that many bowlers might have specific requests for when purchasing a bowling ball, either online or in a pro shop. Some of the major websites will give you the option of selecting a certain range of top weight and pin location. Most of the time they are able to fulfill your request. If not, the majority of them will find the closest match and notify you of what it is before shipping the bowling ball.

Since not all bowling balls are the same you want to make sure you order exactly what you want. If you’re a beginner then you just need a cheap plastic bowling ball. They do just fine if you only bowl on occasion with family and friends.

Pros of buying a bowling ball online

One pro of buying your bowling ball online is that obviously there will be a greater selection than your local pro shop. Face it, pro shops are small and have limited space, they can only have so many items in them. 

I think one of the biggest pros to buying a bowling ball online is the customization. You could get your name, not your team’s name etched in it. You could get your favorite sports team or favorite color.

Local pro shops operate with a limited supply, so while it won’t affect your game, the way the bowling ball looks is an important part of the game. A good way to sike out an opponent.

Online pro shops have sales all the time. So you’ll definitely be able to buy a bowling ball at a cheaper price than if you got it at a local pro shop.

The last pro but one of the most important is cost. The bowling balls will be slightly cheaper online, especially if you know your drilling layout. Online pro shops will almost always have some sort of sale going.

Bundles are also pretty normal, where you get a bowling ball, bowling ball bag, and a pair of shoes all wrapped up in a neat little deal.

Cons of buying a bowling ball online

It is entirely possible that you could get a better deal from your local pro shop, online pro shops sell out of popular items fast. You should also make sure they don’t substitute what you want with something you don’t if they are out of something.

Shipping is the one cost you will incur when ordering online. Some websites choose to list their prices including a flat fee ground shipping rate. Beware, that some websites, may say free shipping, when in fact they add on a service or packaging fee that can be up to $5.00 or more.

Other websites will list the bowling ball at a designated price, then add the shipping charge based on the zip code you are shipping to. Depending on where you are shipping to and from, it is best to compare prices across several sites in order to get the best deal.

Let’s also remind ourselves that things get lost and damaged in the mail. So if you’re ordering a bowling ball online make sure wherever you’re ordering from will insure it in the event it gets lost or damaged.

Your local pro shop can easily get you the desired top weight and pin location for your new bowling ball. In fact, many may have it on hand and ready to drill the day you show up to their business. No need to wait for 3 to 7 days.

This is one significant advantage of purchasing from a local bowling ball pro shop. Another is the fact the pro shop owner can know your game or style and be able to provide you with the necessary information to make the best decision regarding your next bowling ball purchase.

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