Should You Go Bowling By Yourself?

I love to go bowling, but not everyone around me does, and It’s a bit of a bummer.

One day I was sitting at home itching to go bowling, but nobody wanted to go. So I thought to myself that I should just go alone.

Should you go bowling by yourself? Yes! Why the heck not? Bowling alone can be an awesome way to wind down after a long day at work. A great way to exercise or relieve stress. If you’re in a league, it’s a great way to get in some extra practice. Of course, you should bowl alone, spend some time with yourself and enjoy the game.

As easy as it is to say you’ll go bowling alone, many people won’t. Even though you do many things alone throughout the day and don’t realize it. The thought of going to a public space and knowingly participate in a very social sport becomes very daunting to so many people. But once you get over that initial fear, a whole world opens up to you.

Is it weird to bowl alone?

Absolutely not! Bowling alone is a perfectly normal activity for anyone to do. I’ve seen many people bowling alone and I’ve always envied them. Imagine how peaceful that is.

Nobody rushing you to take your turn, or anyone taking your turn because you went to the bathroom. Nobody bothering you talking about someone or something you don’t care about.

Now, you have to think to yourself why you would think bowling would be weird.

Did you hear someone say that? Do you yourself think people who bowl alone are weird and maybe have no friends?

I bet if you took a bit of time and did some self-reflection you would find your answer. I myself have never thought people who do things alone are weird.

Like I stated before, I’ve always envied them. 

Heck, you might even find out that without the distraction of other people you’re actually a pretty good bowler. Once you have the time to pace yourself.

If you’re a bit self-conscious than it may take you a bit of time to get over the idea of going bowling alone. Just remember that it’s not weird for people to enjoy doing activities alone. It’s a normal behavior that more people should try.

I even bet you’ll enjoy it so much that you might even start to do it on a regular basis. Once you do that you won’t even look at it as you’re bowling alone. In a few week’s time, you may be more acquainted with the staff and other bowlers who go alone.

You might even make new friends.

Benefits of bowling alone

Everyone is different and everyone does the same things for similar or different reasons. One person may go bowling alone because they are in a league and want to practice. Another person may really love the game and just want to play.

Your reason might not be either of those, and that’s fine. Bowl alone for whatever reason you want. If it helps you to pretend to be a professional then do it! Professionals bowl alone.

Maybe you normally run but the weather is bad and you just want to find another way to relieve some stress. There’s a bowling alley not far from you and you decide to go but can’t find anyone to go with you.

Since you’ve gotten so used to running alone you figure bowling alone can’t be any different. Except then you realize last time you went bowling or rather every time you’ve gone bowling it’s been with a group of people.

You get a bit nervous until you realize what benefits you can get from bowling alone.

  1. Peace and quiet
  2. Can bowl on your own time/no rushing 
  3. Practice and improve your skills 
  4. Spend time with yourself 
  5. Don’t have to share your food
  6. Don’t have to share your ball or other equipment 

Bowling is also pretty inexpensive, so that helps when it comes to activities. Plus unlike other sports bowling can be done all year long no matter what the weather.

Pouring raining? snowstorm? heatwave? you can bowl during any of these unless the bowling alley is closed.

Getting over your fear of bowling alone

If you have a fear of bowling alone don’t fret my pet. You are not alone.

I’m sure some of the things you fear are people staring at you and whispering. The guy or gal behind the counter asking where the rest of your party is and you saying in front of other people that you are alone.

Or even the fact that you wouldn’t have anyone to talk or joke with. It could be a number of things. I’m sure if it’s not one thing it’s a combination of a few. And that’s ok. It’s ok to be nervous.

Eventually, you’ll have to drag yourself out to the lanes and give it a try to see what you’ve been missing. Don’t worry about what others will say or think. Did they pay for your game that you’re about to play? no? well then, who cares what they think?

Maybe the first time you bowl alone you play a few games with friends and you just stay for another game or two after they leave. Since you’re already at the bowling alley it wouldn’t be that big a deal.

Or you could go with a friend or family member and you play on different lanes. It’s not %100 playing alone but if you’re really nervous about going alone it’s a good way to build confidence and get your feet wet.

While at the bowling alley, try to see if anyone else is there alone. Look at their set up and how they deal with being alone. Do they have headphones on? Did they order food and drinks? Are they using a house ball or do they have their own?

If you’re comfortable enough to try to find a time when you could possibly go over and ask them a few questions. It’s very unlikely they don’t want to talk to you. But should that be the case, kindly apologize for interrupting them.

Related Questions

Can you bowl alone?

It’s not a question of “can you bowl alone?” But rather “will you bowl alone?” Will you step out of your comfort zone and bowl a few games?

For some people, it’s not a big deal to do anything alone, including eating in a restaurant or going to the movies. So why not bowl alone?

But to answer the question…yes, of course, you can bowl alone. In fact, you might prefer it to bowling with family and friends.

Your local bowling alley may even have specials for single bowlers, you should ask to see if they do.

Do the rules change when bowling alone?

No. It’s still expected that you respect other bowlers around you.

You should always follow the rules of bowling, while with others or alone. However, since you are alone you can pace yourself. You can take the time to properly line up your shot without feeling like you’re holding up the game.

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