What Are The Differences Between Candlepin And Duckpin Dowling? It’s Not What You Think It Is

Ten pin bowling is what most people think of when they think of bowling. However, there are many variations of the game. Candlepin and Duckpin bowling are just two of them.

The obvious similarities are that they both have a set of pins at the end of a lane that need to be knocked down by a ball in order to score points. But are there differences between them? 

What is the difference between candlepin and duckpin bowling?

How similar are candlepin and duckpin bowling?

Candlepin and duckpin bowling can be quite similar in nature as the essence of the game remain the same, roll the ball towards the pin and knock down as many as you can. But you can still deduce some noticeable differences between the two variants to get a clear picture of what sets these two genres of bowling apart from one another.

Candlepin bowling is a variety of bowling that is played fundamentally in the Canadian Maritime territories and the New England locale of the United States. It is played with a handheld-sized ball and tall, limited pins that take after candles, subsequently the name.

The standards of candlepin bowling are very straightforward. Every player should roll a little ball down a wooden path to strike over a bunch of ten thin pins orchestrated in pyramid style with one pin in the closest column and four pins in the uttermost line. Every player gets three rolls for each turn. Any pins that are pushed over in the middle of turns are left to rest where they fall.

In the event that each of the ten pins is knocked down with the main ball (a strike), the player gets ten points in addition to the count on the following two rolls. At the point when this occurs, the pins are cleared and another set is put together. In the event that every one of the ten pins is knocked down with two balls (an extra), the player gets 10 points in addition to the tally of the following ball, pins are cleared and reset. In the event that each of the three balls is expected to knock down every one of the pins, the score for that casing is just ten and referred to in New England as a ten-box.

With that said and done let’s take a quick look at duckpin bowling now.

Duckpin bowling has rules like ten-pin bowling. In a 10-frame game, bowlers attempt to strike down pins in the least rolls possible. Bowlers have three balls for each frame given, just like in candlepin, to strike over a bunch of 10 pins. In the event that a bowler strikes down each of the 10 pins with their first move in a frame, it is scored as a strike. On the off chance that every one of the pins is wrecked in two rolls, the bowler considers it to be a spare. On the off chance that every one of the pins is wrecked in three moves, it is scored as a ten, as in candlepins, with no reward. In the event that pins are as yet remaining after the third ball, the bowler gets one point for each pin struck down with the ball.

Is candlepin bowling easier than 10 pin bowling?

Now when it comes to the differences between candlepin bowling compared to the standard 10 pin bowling some might debate upon whether which one is more fun to play or downright easier? Some bowling areas downright do not even know about the existence of candlepin bowling.

In candlepin bowling, not exclusively is the ball smaller than the regular ten pin bowling ball and the pins used in it are more slender (hence the name candlepins), there are some vital contrasts in the standards. The greatest is maybe the way that you can bowl multiple times in a single frame. This permits you more opportunities to attempt to get a spare on the off chance that you don’t bowl a strike on the main roll.

You likewise get another benefit with regards to the pins in candlepin bowling as opposed to regular 10 pin bowling. After bowling, the pins that are knocked down on the lane can be left right there too far off in the path with the other remaining pins. This allows you to utilize and focus on a brought down pin and use that to help you strike down those other pins that are as yet standing giving you more chances for a stroke.

In candlepin bowling you can bowl again as soon as you’ve knocked down some pins(or not). In ten-pin bowling, you need to stand by until your ball is brought back up to you. In candlepin bowling, this isn’t the situation. You simply need to choose when you need to bowl straight away and you can then just get whatever ball is accessible. Candlepin bowlers don’t generally have their own balls like 10 pin bowlers do.

It is feasible to utilize this for your potential benefit. One method is to attempt to profit from the pins that are left in the path. On the off chance that one of them is still left moving, you can exploit that and strike it when it’s in the most ideal position. Not holding up and having to wait for your ball to come back to be allowed to play your shot can make this possible.

If these differences are taken advantage of then candlepin bowling can be considered easier than the regular game of 10 pin bowling otherwise you can say it is a whole different ball game.

Is duckpin bowling easier than 10 pin bowling?

Now it is time for duckpin bowling, although it is also an obscure format of bowling for many it is still regarded as a fun way to play the game of bowling with a fresh twist to it for many.

The duckpin ball gauges three pounds and is marginally bigger than a softball which would be considered tiny when compared to the regular ten-pin bowling ball. (4-3/4 inches to 5 inches distance across to be definite.) The other observable difference you shall notice with its ball is that it has no finger holes in it as well just like candlepin bowling balls. What this allows you to do is to lob an even harder strike than regular 10 pin bowling balls towards the pins and hope for the best for a strike

Three balls might be lobbed in each frame played out of the 10-frame game of duckpin bowling and there is no reward for striking down every one of the 10 pins with three balls either.

A mainstream variety of the game is rubber-banded duckpins. In this form, the pins are of the similar stature as used in regular duckpin bowling, yet there is a hard elastic band around the tummy of each pin, giving it a more prominent bounce back activity when hit by a ball. The ball is additionally a similar size as in duckpins yet may gauge close to 3 pounds 8 ounces (1.6 kg). Just two balls are bowled in each frame in this variant of duckpin bowling.

These variants make the game of duckpin bowling either more difficult for others or extremely easy as it all depends on how you approach and adapt towards the game in the end.

All in all the game of bowling keeps growing with so many more bowling variants we did not even mention here keeping the game fresh and exhilarating for all.

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