What Is A Bowling Shoe Slider? And Should You Buy One

What is a bowling shoe slider?

A bowling shoe slider is an accessory that is put on bowling shoes to allow them to slide easier. It covers the front half of the shoe allowing you to slide further when bowling. The rear part of the shoe isn’t covered because that is made of rubber and is used to stop you when sliding. When you are bowling, players like to slide in their approach because it ensures that there is a more efficient energy transfer from the bowler to the bowling ball. This generates more power and speed onto your shot. 

Bowling shoes are usually already super slick to allow you to slide across the surface for a long distance. However, overtime the sole of your bowling shoes may wear through use or some bowling shoes are not slick enough to allow the bowler to slide for long enough. This is when bowling shoe sliders are best used.

 It gives the bowler that extra sliding distance which may help them improve their game. They are made of synthetic material and elastic. The synthetic material reduces the grip between the bowlers’ shoes and the surface allowing the bowler to slide more smoothly. The elastic is used to keep the shoe slider on tight to your shoe.

Do I need bowling shoe sliders for each shoe?

Bowling shoe sliders are sold individually and not as a pair which indicates that you should only wear the slider on one shoe. You don’t want to have little amounts of traction on both shoes just in case you slide too quickly and cannot stop yourself and fall over. When wearing a bowling shoe slider, it should be on your front foot because you push off with your trailing foot to begin the slide. 

Nothing is stopping you from wearing shoe sliders on both shoes because you can still stop yourself with the heel of the bowling shoe. If your bowling shoes are really worn then this may be a good idea but it comes with a risk that you are more likely to fall and injure yourself. Most professional bowlers however do not wear bowling shoe sliders because they have top quality bowling shoes that allow them to slide smoothly already and come with interchangeable slides.

Can I wear my street shoes with bowling shoe sliders?

Wearing bowling shoe sliders over your street shoes is not recommended. This is because you shouldn’t be wearing street shoes while playing bowling anyway. 

Bowling alleys provide bowling shoes because it allows you to get a smoother motion while bowling. Bowling shoes also allow for a proper bodily movement after a ball has been rolled down a lane.  If you play in street shoes, you won’t be able to slide across the bowling lane and you won’t have as much control over your bowl as you normally would. Playing in sneakers can also be dangerous because if you have just bowled a ball and your shoes stick to the surface, you might injure your foot or twist an ankle. 

Bowling shoe sliders also do not work over sneakers. Most street shoes have a textured bottom to increase grip and bowling shoe sliders are quite thin, so it will not make your shoes have less traction. Also, the bowling shoe sliders are more likely to rip if you’re wearing street shoes because they can get caught on the sole easier. 

Another problem is that they will not stay on properly and this could cause an injury. For example, if you are about to take a shot and the bowling shoe slider moves due to the soles of your shoes not being smooth, you may lose control of your shot and injure yourself.

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