What Is A Good Bowling Average For A Beginner? Could You Be Above Average?

People who don’t bowl normally and only usually play recreationally often bowl between 70-100. Sometimes even lower than that, I’ve seen adults who’ve bowled 50. 

Beginners usually average between 130-150 after they have had a bit of practice. This is where I fall, I’m still working on my technique to improve. To be considered average in bowling you need to bowl between 140-170. To be above average, you need to bowl between 170-190. Bowling between 190-220 is considered the good range and anything above 220+ averages are excellent. 

So, for a beginner, you should aim to bowl between 130-150. This score is considered really good for a beginner because of the lack of practice and experience within the sport. For beginners to up their score quickly and easily, they should focus on getting spares. 

Due to the lack of practice, a beginner’s technique won’t be the best, so aiming to bowl strikes is not the ideal thing to do. Obviously, the aim of bowling is to bowl as many strikes as you can, but this is very difficult and when you don’t know how to bowl a strike consistently. 

You need to know what to do to ensure that you at least get a spare. Spares also compliment your strikes which is why bowling spares is the easiest way for a beginner to improve their score.

Many beginners watch bowlers on television and online and believe that they should be bowling over 150 every game when they first start. This is not the case because they don’t have enough experience or skill to bowl such high scores with great consistency. 

Beginners shouldn’t focus on their score but focus on finding the correct ball and technique that they want to use to bowl their best game. If you only play recreationally, the score doesn’t really matter because you only go with family and friends to have fun however, being competitive always makes the sport more interesting.

Is it possible to bowl a 299?

Bowling a 299 is possible but there is only one way to do so. You have to throw eleven strikes in a row and then knock down nine pins on your final shot. Bowling a 299 is possibly one of the most heart-breaking things a bowler can experience. Unless it is their intention.

This is because they are one pin off a perfect score of three hundred. Most people struggle to bowl a perfect game because they cracked under pressure. This is because they probably haven’t been in that situation before so they don’t know how to compose themselves. 

The hardest score to bowl in bowling is 292. This is when you throw 11 strikes in a row and knock down two pins on your final shot. This score is the only score to never be bowled in bowling history. Also, bowling a two is the toughest pin count to get with one ball. 

Bowling a perfect game is more common than bowling a 299. The odds in one of the recent PBA tournaments to bowl a 300 game was 460 to 1. The odds to bowl a 299, 297, 292 and 291 game is significantly higher. This is because when scoring one of these scores, you have to hit a certain pocket or cut across a certain pin which is deemed harder than trying to score a strike. The person with the most 300 games bowled is Jeff Carter, who has bowled 112. He also averaged an astonishing 261.74 in league in 2000-2001. 

Don Johnson is one of the most famous 299 scoring players ever. He was on his last ball and had to throw one more strike to get a perfect score which would have given him a $10,000 bonus. However, the 10-pin stood and Johnson lost out on the bonus prize. This moment was selected as the most memorable moment in the PBA 60-year history.

What’s a good bowling score for a child?

A good bowling score for a child is around 90. Obviously, over time, with practice, their score will always improve but this is the official average. You can start bowling as early as three years old by using the ramp and bumpers to help you get enough power from the ball. Most children will bowl with a 6-8lbs ball however, the unwritten rule is that you should bowl with a ball that is 10 percent of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should bowl with a 15 lbs ball. 

my 11 year old nephew on his turn

There are a few children that have bowled perfect games of 300. The first recorded child to do this was Michael Tang in 2006 at age 10. Shortly after Michael had the first recorded 300 game for a child another child shot 300. More and more children get perfect games now than before.

On a high school four-man bowling team, two of the bowlers should have an average of about 190, and the other two should be in the range of 150-170. These ranges are for teenagers who have been bowling often throughout their life. A teenager who is a beginner should average between 70-100. Children and beginners usually average similar scores because none of them have a style or technique they play with. The only difference is that beginner adults will be able to get more speed and power on the ball.

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