Why Don’t Bowling Alleys Have Windows? Are They Afraid Of Light?

Are there bowling alleys that have windows?

There are no bowling alleys that are well known that have windows within the building. There are usually only windows on the entrance doors or beside the entrance. Windows do not have any benefits to bowling alleys. In fact, they can make bowling more challenging. The only bowling alleys that may have windows are the multi-activity buildings that have many different activities within the facility, but you won’t find the windows near the bowling alleys.

Many bowling alleys nowadays have special effects or glow in the dark features that wouldn’t work if there were windows because in the day, the alley wouldn’t be dark enough to experience these features. Other alleys offer cosmetic effects and disco balls to better the experience of bowling as well. Also, having no windows allows for better insulation so that no noises outside can distract you from your shot. With windows noises would be louder. 

The bowling alleys that do have windows near the lanes usually have double or even triple glazed windows. This is to try and prevent them from leaking or getting smashed by the ball. It also blocks out sound better than single glazed windows. Most bowlers however, prefer to not have windows near their lane. If you go to a bowling alley that holds high end tournaments, you will not find any windows but, you may find windows at a recreational bowling alley.

Do bowling alleys have to be a certain size?

The bowling lane itself should be at least 100 feet. The bowling equipment itself takes up 87 feet. These 87 feet include the approach (16 feet), lane and pinsetter (67.5 feet) and a service aisle (3.5 feet) behind the pinsetter. The width of a single lane has to be at least 6.9 feet. Most bowling alleys have around 8 lanes which is around 50-60 feet wide plus extra room between lanes and for walkways.

Bowling alleys have to be a certain size to fit all the lanes in as well as anything else in the facility like an arcade or restaurant. There is no certain size for the building however, because it all depends on what the facility has in it. The bowling lane itself has to be a certain size to ensure that there is enough room to hook the ball on the lane and to spread the oil out while also having no oil at the end of the lane. The width of the boards is usually a little bit bigger than the width of the pins with a gutter each size extending it. Even though lanes are pretty wide, balls can still come off the lane and onto someone else’s.

Why don’t bowling alleys have windows?

One self-explanatory reason why there aren’t any windows near the bowling lanes is because if a bowling ball hits it, the window will smash. This would be really expensive for the owners to keep replacing the windows. Also, many bowling alleys have cosmetic and light effects which wouldn’t be effective in the day if light was shining. through the windows.

Bowlers also want and expect consistent lighting when bowling. This is to eliminate distractions and visual confusion. Also, sunlight can come through the windows and cause distractions and dazzle for the bowlers. Windows can also make the bowling alley really hot if the sun is beaming through them which can make players irritated and make them lose concentration. Another reason is because it reduces outside noise which could cause distractions for bowlers. 

Many bowlers like to bowl in peace without any distractions. Bowling is a sport that needs a lot of concentration because you have to be really accurate and precise when you bowl to get a good score. With windows, it makes this really hard due to all the distractions they cause. Some alleys do have windows but not near the lanes due to the problems they cause. In tournaments, all players have to be quiet and no distractions can happen because it gets really competitive and important. The benefit of not having windows outweighs the benefits of having windows which is therefore, why most bowling alleys don’t have them.

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