Granny Style Bowling: Not Just For Grannies

Every individual carries their persona and aura. Thus, in the same way, every bowler loves to throw the bowling ball in their style. One of the styles that have gained popularity is the granny style. Hence, let’s dive into the universe of bowling together, or shall we say, throw ourselves into the bowling universe and knock down all the pins of question.

Is granny-style bowling actually safe for granny’s?

Before you proceed to ask, granny-style bowling is not exactly some grannies’ bowling. To explain it in a better way, granny-style bowling is a way of throwing the bowling ball that can be applied by anyone. It is not restricted to grandmas only. In reality, granny-style is a popular choice among kids. It is a considerably efficient way to throw a bowling ball and can get kids a good strike rate.

In granny-style bowling, instead of one hand, the player uses both hands to throw the bowling ball. It is a relatively effective way to throw the ball, especially for those who are new to bowling. Moreover, the good news is, it is not illegal to throw a bowling ball two-handedly. Still, granny-style is a popular method for kids who can not place their fingers in the bowling ball yet.

USBC does not set any specific rules that prevent bowlers from throwing the ball with two hands. However, there are certain exceptions in the bowling alley by USBC. Those are, you must cover holes in the bowling ball with your bowling hand even if you are throwing granny-style. Otherwise, it may be specified as an illegal strike. But more importantly, some styles focus on using two hands and delivering the ball with one hand. Therefore, you must explore them as well.

Thus, granny-style bowling is not only safe for granny’s but actually anyone around, including children above 3 years old. It is more of a free-style throw and adds spice to the bowling game. As long as the person physically qualifies for bowling, there is no harm in anyone playing granny-style. 

Can I Really Get a Strike Every Time I Bowl Granny Style?

If you are new to the bowling world, you will be exploring different bowling styles. Simultaneously, you may want to select the style that can guarantee you knocking down all the pins. In this search, you will encounter different bowling styles, including traditional ways like Power stroking or a freestyle like granny style. Though choosing one bowling style over another can give you some leverage, nothing guarantees a strike except a good throw.

I mean…

To put it simply, you are not guaranteed a strike every time you throw a bowling ball in granny style. However, granny-style bowling is likely to improve your chances of clearing all the pins. Granny style or two-handed throws are popular among those with wrist issues as well. Some of us simply do not have that powerful wrist we can bowl with, but why should it stop us from bowling?

Why one should opt for Granny style

Scientifically speaking, free-style or granny style can get you a better strike rate than other styles. A detailed discussion by a YALE professor in the research paper “Optimal Strategies for throwing accurately “ for Journal Royal Society specifies that granny-style free throw is better than other styles. 

Thus, research proves that granny style not only improves your chances of clearing the pins but also puts you in some control as a newbie. Hence, it is a popular choice among kids learning tenpin bowling.

Even professional players like Jason Belmonte opts for a two-handed throw style towards bowling. Thus, one can say that using two hands to throw a ball is not limited to newbies but has also taken over the professional world in a swift. Jason was one of the firsts to gain attention for his usage of two hands for bowling. 

Experimenting with different bowling styles

Another thing to be noted here is, you can even opt for different styles. There is no rule to stop you from experimenting with multiple styles. Even professional players have different ways of throwing the bowling ball.

While the conventional bowling style might work for some, you may score better with funky bowling, or maybe both if you are a pro. With constant practice and effort, you can master the art of throwing the bowling ball, whatever style it is. However, if you select granny-style for kids, they are most likely to master it sooner.

Some other bowling styles that might interest you are stroking, tweening, and power stroking. If you are looking to add more fun to your game, you can try spinning or no thumb delivery as well. However, one must remember that you must not limit yourself to one style just because someone else scores well with that bowling style. 

Is Granny Style Bowling How I Get My Kid To Stop Bowling With Bumpers?

To understand the concept, we must first explore what is bumper bowling. Or, if you are already familiar, you might want to know how to stop your kids from bowling with bumpers.

Bumper bowling is for kids or some adults with special needs. In bumper bowling, bumpers are placed to make the bowling ball stay in the lane. This type of bowling is handy when kids are learning to bowl or exploring some new areas in bowling. Also, people are more likely to increase their confidence in their bowling skills if they start with bumper bowling.

Different bowling alleys feature different styles to cover gutters with bumpers. Some have programmable bumpers that work only when the user needs them. However, in other cases, some alleys have tubes or simple bumpers available only. In such situations, they set a weight limit for bowling balls.

Thus, we can say that bumper bowling is a good option for beginners, fun games, family nights, or adults with issues in bowling. Hence, people can use it to practice different techniques and increase confidence in their bowling skills.

Bumper Bowling to Granny Style

Bumper bowling, while an excellent way of learning, cannot be utilized in professional competitions. The safety from gutter does not let the player learn patience and understand the angle of their throw.

There must be a phase in which the transition from bumper bowling to simple ways of bowling must occur. While bumper bowling is usually for fun purposes, and the only rule is that one must not foul, granny-style is different.

The Granny style can help children in actually playing the game without extra safety measures involved. It is more like learning to bowl but in a relatively easy-to-learn bowling style.

Kids have little fingers that make it hard for them to grip a bowling ball properly or bowl in a traditional style. Granny-style bowling can help children play the game or bowl with the big guys without bumpers. Moreover, the good part is bowling with two hands is acceptable in professional leagues as well.

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