There’s A New Game In Town…And It’s Called Pool Bowling

A fun variation on both bowling and pool is a game called pool bowling. This game is less about competitions and more about interactive fun. So to put it simply (like the name of the game suggests), pool bowling is a cross between bowling and the popular game known as pool. The game combines rules from both sports but primarily pool. While instead of standard billiard balls, bowling balls are used, and the board made is triple the size of a normal pool table. 

How is pool bowling played?

Pool bowling is a pretty straightforward game for anyone who has already played pool, with hardly one or two minor adjustments here and there. Now for people who only play bowling, the rules are a little different. So for the sake of total equality, we will break this down from the start.

This game is essentially just 8 ball pool with bowling balls on a giant board or area.

You put all of the balls into a triangle; in 8 ball pool, this consists of 15 balls and 1 “cue ball.” In the case of pool bowling it is sometimes played with 9 balls. The balls are numbered from 1 to 9, the first 4 being colored and the last 4 being stripped. 

The object is for one player to eliminate all his balls and then finally end by eliminating or pocketing the 8 ball. The first player to do this wins. Players’ turns are given 1 shot for each turn. If they pocket a ball, they are allowed to continue. 

A turn ends when the final ball is pocketed, a foul occurs, or a player fails to pocket a ball. A player can not pocket the 8 ball before all his or her other balls are done, or else they lose.

Now there is a 16th or a 10th ball, respectively. It is known as a cue ball. To eliminate or shoot at another ball, you have to hit the cue ball. It crashes into the other ball and moves it into the hole or side pocket. The only time a ball is pocketed and not counted is if the cue ball is also knocked into a pocket. It is called a foul. In the case of the foul, the balls are reset to their position before the foul occurred. And the ball is reset for the other player’s turn. 

Now for the bowling aspect. There are no pool sticks in pool bowling. Players must pick up the white cue ball and play it where it lies like a bowling ball. Meaning they roll the ball where it is to where they want to shoot.

Where can I play pool bowling?

One of the issues with pool bowling is popularity and accessibility. It’s a very fun spin-off to two very competitive games. But not a lot of people go out of their way to play pool bowling. With its very niche audience and low popularity, you might have some trouble finding a place to play. Although more recently, some companies have begun to make fun little life-sized sets with plastic carpeting and plastic balls. You can set these fun little things anywhere with a quick Google search. Or you can buy or construct your pool bowling set in your backyard or home if you have the space required for it. These types of setups don’t have to require lots of capital, just time and imagination due to the large task of choosing and installing the whole game in one area.

There are some small theme parks and amusement parks like that provide you with the chance to play the game. You usually find these types of life-sized games at places similar to amusement parks and play centers as this game requires a huge amount of space and a large oversight of equipment. Hence having around the clock ready staff who is willing to handle all those props and equipment while simultaneously teaching people how to play. It makes an ideal game to be played at such areas or parks as the staff already has a lasting experience with this role.

If you can’t find one in your area but know of a place where you think it would be a great fit, speak to the manager of the facility and ask if it’s something they could add.

Who can play pool bowling?

Well, the simplest answer to this is just about anyone. The requirements to play pool bowling are quite as high as some other sports. Pool bowling, at its core, is a recreational leisure activity that promotes fun collaboration of people. In simple terms, pool bowling is fun. It lets you imagine yourself much smaller or bigger in some cases than the average player since the board you’re used to leaning on is 4 times its size.

But if we’re going to be simple here, you won’t need a lot to play pool bowling. If you can walk, lift and roll bowling balls and coordinate your shots without excessive crippling pain, anyone from age six and onwards can play. So if you’re looking for a fun, enjoyable, and easy-to-pick-up game to play at your leisure, pool bowling just might be a perfect fit for you.

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