What Happens When You Fall Down In A Bowling Alley?

I myself have never fallen in a bowling alley(knock on wood) but I have seen dozens of people fall. From children all the way to the elderly. I don’t remember anyone being seriously hurt, but I know it happens. There’s no way someone have fall on a hard surface like wood and not have at least a bump ot a bruise.

The local bowling alley I go to does have a first aid kit behind the counter and I’m sure they’ve used it a time or to when someone has fallen. If it was a genuine accident I’m sure they try to patch you up. But for the select few who “play” around while at the bowling alley, when they fall I’m sure they’re asked to leave and maybe even not to return.

I’ve seen just recently countless people, mostly adults walking on the lanes and of course they slip, stumble and some fall. When this happens and the managers or attendant sees them, they get a warning and if they’re caught again they’re asked to leave. I’ve only ever seen one party asked to leave and surprisingly they left peacefully.

What happens if you walk on a bowling alley?

The entire goal of bowling is to ensure smooth delivery of your ball from the starting line to the pins. The medium shall be the lone bowling lane in between you and the pins that you have to knockdown. There’s also a line marked at the start of the alley signifying the foul line, and nobody can stress this enough, but you should never cross that line.

For starters, it’s in the rules that you cannot cross the foul line; otherwise, you will just be wasting a perfectly good turn. But other than that, there are safety reasons behind it too. You see, all bowling lanes are well greased from head to toe just to ensure that the bowling ball you shall roll towards the pins actually reaches its destination, and have that consistently you have to eliminate any and all forms of friction.

So besides adding functionality and consistency in your game, you should never step on the lane because it is as slippery for you as it is for the bowling ball that you throw on it. That lack of traction on the ground for you can prove to be quite devastating as you slip around and potentially end up hurting yourself.

The bowling lanes are for balls…not people

Other than that, the oil on top of the lana applied can easily be disrupted if you end up walking on it too. This means that any deliveries played on it shall be off and misaligned than a regular well-oiled lane making it harder to play and throwing off subsequent players who just want to enjoy a game of bowling.

What happens if you drop a bowling ball on your foot?

The most common injury related to bowling ball slip-ups is hitting your foot with it, as that is the only thing directly below it between the bowling ball itself and the floor. So if you hit yourself on foot with your bowling ball, what does happen, and what do you need to do to start the healing process?

First and foremost, this might sound a little bit too obvious, but you have to get the bowling ball off of your foot that got injured, starting the healing process by removing all the offending pressure applied by the heavy bowling ball.

Bowling balls can get pretty heavy pretty quick, and there is no shame in using a lighter bowling ball to enjoy your game but using a bowling ball that is too heavy for you to handle can turn quite dangerous really fast, especially for your body.

Oftentimes people struggle to have a good grip over bowling balls as they only have three holes to hold to by using just their fingers, and it is quite common for people to let go of their bowling balls too early, causing injuries to themselves.

You would most likely suffer from a misaligned vertebra or the medical term “Subluxation,” where it would lead you to general discomfort, inflammation around the injury, and pain caused by the compression around your ligaments. Your foot can only begin to heal once all the pressure is relieved around all the impacted nerves on your injury alongside adjustments required to relieve said pressure.

But this whole process will not bring you out of your pain instantly and shall take time to heal as your damaged tissues and nerves repair themselves back once more. Proper rest and care shall speed up the recovery process, and you shall be back to the bowling alley in no time!

What happens if your bowling ball stops in the middle of the lane?

Now imagine this, you’re bowling and playing your regular game, having fun and enjoying your time with your loved ones around you. You deliver the ball and see it rolling towards the lane when suddenly it stops moving and gets stuck right in the middle!

This can seem hilarious for some staring at the stationary bowling ball in the middle of the lane out of reach, and your basic instincts would be just to walk up to it and get the bowling ball back and have a do-over from the start; I strongly advise against that.

Typically this happens when the ball is thrown too slow or the lane you are bowling on is not well maintained and oiled properly, causing significant friction to slow down the ball to a halt. This does not mean that the lane is not oiled all the way properly, and part of it might still be slippery enough to make you fall and end up getting yourself injured and even damage the lane if the fall is bad enough.

What you need to do in this type of situation is to call the management running that particular bowling ball alley so that they may retrieve the bowling ball safely for you. They are the trained professionals to handle these types of situations quite well, saving everyone around you and giving you the opportunity once more to continue enjoying your time with your friends, family, and especially your bowling ball given back to you once more.

Small steps like these are mandatory to ensure safety, security, and, most importantly, fun for all around you. Sure, you may look cool taking matters into your own hands every now and then, but under these situations, it is always better to seek professional help and advice wherever you can.

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